We are focusing on control equipment of railways and power relations, we have been designing, manufacturing, inspection and quality control of the order production many years.
We are taking advantage of the experience and technical capabilities, high utility value also in other fields, has been manufacturing the original product.
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Railway Business

Wiring continuity checker HWC300

We realized miniaturization and cost reduction than conventional.
Unnecessary and workability improved wiring continuity check is long wire (housing use).
Wire of ground fault (contact the housing) can be detected.

Rotational speed sensor KRS100

Small size and high reliability of the speed sensor.
90 degrees – 2 outputs.

Handy Singal Generator HSG100A

Simulation signal generator for testing and inspection.
Ideal for field test because it is no operation and lightweight.
Output switching easy operation of the sine wave signal and the square wave signal.

Handy Singal Generator HSG100A -Option

It can be added a distribution transformer or ATC
signal generating function to HSG100A.

Handy Phase Meter HPM100

Phase meter for testing and inspection.
Ideal for field test because it is no operation and lightweight.

Power Business

Hot Oil Purifier N-KOBE

To remove the impurities in the insulating oil.Filtration accuracy is 0.03 (μm), it demonstrates the following features.
– Remove the impurities in the insulating oil by a special filter element.
– Since filtration capacity is large, filter element life will be much longer.
– Full automatic operation, maintenance-free.

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Oil Filtration Machine KOBE-OF

The special filter element which combined the high water-absorbent resin and the ultra-fine filter paper to remove the impurities in the insulating oil in the 0.03μm filtration accuracy.

– Mobile, compact and lightweight
– Long-filtration life and large filter element
– Easy replacement of the cartridge type filter

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Meter Box

Optimally housed the equipment of various instruments.
Customize as desired.

– Optimally accommodate the requests of various instruments.
– The best design for your environment.
– Individual production possible
– Short delivery time