Design Equipment

3-dimensional CAD 18 Autodesk Inventor, OneSpace Designer Modeling
2-dimensional CAD 30 AutoCAD, PWS, etc.

Manufacturing Equipment

Working Machinery Horizontal machining center 4 720*610*640
Vertical machining center 4 1020*560
N /C rotary disc 3 φ250*500(including NC bar feeder)
Other general-purpose machine 11 Grinder (inner surface, cylindrical), drilling machine, milling machine, lathe other
Sheet Metal Machinery Laser beam machine 1 6*1524*3048
NC turret punch press 1 4.5*1219*2438
Press, Press brake, Shah 8 60t, 30t
Welding machine, spot welding machine 11 Tig, arc, semi-automatic, spot
Edge-wise coil winding machine 3
Electromagnetic coil equipment Coil winding machine 6
Injection equipment 1 set Casting, impregnation and drying
Printed circuit board equipment Printed circuit board mounting line 2 Chip mounter, reflow furnace
Round conveyor 1 24 surface
Solder dip tank 4 Lead-free solder bath (1)
Board test and inspection equipment 1 set Appearance automatic inspection machine, X-ray inspection equipment, etc.

Test and inspection equipment

Thermostat 6 Large/Medium -40 to 100 (Celsius temperature)
Harness Checker 1 2048point*4
Various test and verification equipment Many Noise simulator, microscope other