Railway Business

We conduct the control equipment for stopping the railway vehicle in safe and stable, including brake equipment and safety equipment to manufacture and test from the design. Wide low-volume production, a wide variety of material, it will correspond to reliability evaluation of the product.

Floor equipment

  • [Brake system] Brake command unit, brake relay, pressure regulator, pressure switch, solenoid valve, pressure sensing device, air compressor control device, fine-skid control unit (slide controller)
  • [Controller] high-speed breaker, the unit switch, relay
  • [Protective device] ATO equipment, ATC equipment, ATS equipment
  • [Information system] train information transmission control device, the interface device
  • [Truck peripherals] speed generator, speed sensor, F-DC devices, rotation speed sensor (our development product)

Devices on railway vehicles

  • [Brake system] brake electric operating device (brake controller, brake output control device), brake command unit, brake relay panel, pressure regulator, pressure switch, pressure sensor, relay, electromagnetic valve, various printed circuit board, various switches (emergency switch, conductor switch)
  • [Protective device] / ATO equipment, ATC equipment, ATS equipment
  • [Monitoring device] monitor display device
  • [Information providing apparatus] media indicator

Power Business

We are supporting the stable supply of power by implementation from design to manufacturing a variety of operating device of switchgears to stop the large current instantly at the time of disaster.

Switchgear related equipment

  • [Operation device] Manually operating device, Electric operating device, Electric spring operating device, Air handling device
  • [Controller equipment] Control panel, Circuit breaker operation box, Gas gauge box
  • [Monitoring device] GIS monitoring device,Partial discharge detection device, Arrester number of operations meter
  • [Parts] Electromagnetic coil, Shaft seal, Contact, Coupling mechanism parts, Parts for bushing, Earth terminal

Transformer-related equipment

  • [Tap changer] Load tap changer, No-voltage tap changer, Tap changer for drive unit, Lifting for tap changer
  • [Controller] Transformer cooling control panel
  • [Monitoring device] Oil gas analyzer, Transformer monitoring meter box

Industrial Equipment Business

Focusing on various types of control equipment of social infrastructure, it is possible to cope of mass production from development and prototype.
  • Backwash-type microfiltration equipment
  • Membrane filtration device
  • Oil purification equipment
  • Ozone layer application advanced water purification system
  • Exhaust ozone cracking unit
  • Various cleaning equipment, such as an optical lens
  • Quantitative discharge pump controller
  • Indoor handrail safety bar
  • Power supply apparatus for a dust mask
  • Data conversion adapter, etc.